iPhone 8 Concept with OLED Edge to Edge Display Appears Online

iPhone 8 Concept With OLED: It was not couple of months for the release of the Apples flagship device iPhone 7 in coming days. We know that the Apple most new and amazing series of iPhone has come to its launch time. The most amazing point here comes is iPhone 7 is not yet released but the talks and rumors about iPhone 8 have been hitting the market a lot.  It is rumored that iPhone 8 is going to changed full concept design of Apple iPhone Series and will include the OLED display which is most seen the Samsung device. 
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The users of iPhone and from around the world are keen to look at the iPhone 8 Series which is integrated with OLED display. As we have seen the Samsung popular devices with OLED display which makes their display to come with extra features and resolution options. Till now Apple was going with its LCD display which was having better features but getting the OLED display and that to going too supplied by the Staunch Rival Samsung.  This iPhone 8 Concept OLED Display was designed by the Tobias Better which features most amazing things which can’t be predicted.

Apples iPhone 8 Rumored to Equipped With Samsung’s OLED Display:

So let’s now talk few things about iPhone 8 which are absolutely new to iPhone Smartphone.
It is said that iPhone 8 will be giving the Home Button within the screen instead on the body of device. This is new for iPhone along with the OLED display screen of Samsung.
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  • iPhone 8 will be having the Glass cover which was seen in iPhone 4, which is based on same concept. The top and bottom edge will be made of metal and the Glass will include on sides, edge which gets fuses with the display in front.

  • The design concept will almost be slim and pretty as iPhone is known for its design concept. The same sensors with developed technology will be added to its camera options.
  • As the coming year is an 10th Anniversary for the Apple which means that after the launch of iPhone 7 the flagship device iPhone 8 will be amazing great. It is said that Apple will overhaul entire backlogs and defeats in its iPhone series and will work hard to get the iPhone8 the Smartphone of 2018.

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The only thing the users and customers must consider that iPhone 8 will be a large screen device with the Design concept of Slim All Glass body which is going to make it most delicate Smartphone form Apple. So one can guess how slippery the iPhone 8 Concept OLED Edge Display might be and the care to be taken by the individual buyers.

iPhone 8 Concept Design - The Most Gorgeous Smartphone of 2018

iPhone 8 Concept Design: Apple is always said to bring surprises in the market which are unique and most awaited for the public. It was not more than a quarter Apple has launched its iPhone 6 and its series and now company is all set for its upcoming devices. So it is time to stay tuned for the iPhone 7 in the upcoming year which is said to be one of the most technology integrated device from Apple. Also the rumors of iPhone 8 have been raising and spreading in the market along with the iPhone 7. As we already know that iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were too stylish and the design was completely different. So now the same design will be proceed with iPhone 7 and to have a new design and a new looks from iPhone Smartphone’s we must await for iPhone 8 Series.
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The rumors always spread as the Apple is a creative company which takes its times and bring unique, creative innovation in its devices. So now to see a new change in Apple devices we must be tuned to grab the first Looks of iPhone 8.  I guess the iPhone 8 will be new venture for the public which has seen the same with iPhone 6 which just changed the iPhone square and sharp edges to the round and large devices. As we know that iPhone 6S Plus is only large screen device and the curved edges makes it look more great. The design of iPhone 8 will different from its iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 successors.

iPhone 8 Concept Design:

I want to make few points that can be predicted so that we can assume the design of iPhone 8 in the market in coming years.
Firstly Apple has a rule or you can say that design change for every 3rd Smartphone from its iPhone series. As we have seen that square edge corner design of iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 series was completely changed with its iPhone 6 launch. The same iPhone 6 design will precede with the iPhone 7 series too. So we can assume to get a new type of design as curved screen and edge screen for its iPhone 8Smartphone.
Other rumors which popular about the iPhone 8 is the slim and big screen will be normal but more attractive. As we have seen that Smartphone from this generation are integrated with mini projector and full resolution capacity, so that can be a new changed in iPhone 8 Series.
The one thing which can’t be changed in the Apple Smartphone is that its SD card options. iPhone 8 Concept Design.Instead it was rumored that iPhone 8 will have minimum memory of 64 GB instead of 16 GB or 32GB which was popular for iPhone 6 series. 
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So be ready to grab the new iPhone 8 with maximum different its design and along with new innovative creations. Until an official look of iPhone 8 can’t be revealed we must go with our rumors and predictions on which Apple may design its mobiles.

iPhone 8 Price USA, UAE, UK, Dubai, India, Australia, Japan, China, Canada and Indonesia

iPhone 8 PriceiPhone 8 is the new smartphone that is going to come after the successfully launch of iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 series. There was a great smartphone launch in the iPhone 7 in 2017 and it this success we will be going to get one greater Smartphone from iPhone 8.iPhone 8 Price in China. The features of the new iPhone are going to be unique, as we know that Apple always adds different and latest features in their devices.
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As the 2017 year has great Smartphones in its pocket and also with much latest technologies. iPhone 8 Price in USANow it is time for 2018 which will be getting the new Smartphones that will let you get latest and more interesting devices.

iPhone 8 Specifications and Rumours:

Apple with its great success in recent iPhone 7 series it is all set integrate more interesting features now. iPhone 8 Price in UKIn this article we will have a look at the iPhone 8 Price in different countries and also specification.
5G Technology: iPhone 8 will be integrating with the 5G technology which will be latest for Smartphone in coming 2018 year.
Battery: When it comes to the big devices like iPhone 8 the battery backup is a major issue. iPhone 8 Price in UAE. This Apple Smartphone will be having the fast caring feature which charges the device up to 60% in 30 minutes.
Scanner: The screen lock of iPhone 8 is unique and it is updated with retina Eye scanner which is more protective.iPhone 8 Price in Canada. Apple always keeps the security first for its Smartphones.
Display: Holographic Display is new latest feature that give a clear view from different angles. The screen resolution of iPhone 8 will be great with much added innovative features.
Finger Print:The home screen is also protect with Finger print scanner which gives only unique users to operate the device.iPhone 8 Price in Australia.
Storage: The storage of iPhone 8 will start with 64 GB and will go on like 128 GB, 256 GB based on the price hike. As we don’t have the external storage for iPhone series I prefer to go with highest data storage specification device.

 Price of iPhone 8:

Here are few prices of iPhone 8 that will be in the countries as shown below. This price is may differ if any technology or features increasing in the device.
  • iPhone 8 Price in USA  -  $1100 USD
  • iPhone 8 Price in United Kingdom  -  770 Pound
  • iPhone 8 Price In India  -  RS: 70,000 INR
  • iPhone 8 Price in Dubai  -  4040 Dirham 
  • iPhone 8 Price in Canada  -  1590 CAD
  • iPhone 8 Price in Australia  -  1589 AUD
  • iPhone 8 Price in Japan  -  128700 YEN
  • iPhone 8 Price in China  -  7235 Yuan
  • iPhone 8 Price in Indonesia  -  15290000 Rupaih
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I hope you have got good knowledge of iPhone 8 with its features and also the Price in different countries.iPhone 8 Price. So now be the first one to grab the iPhone 8 from market and also the first one to grab its pre-order accessories.

iPhone 8 Release Date, Specification, Price, Rumors And Features

iPhone 8  Release Date: Apple is a leading brand in manufacturing the world’s smartest mobile phone. The limited and leading top iPhone/ iPad and iPod are the most selling smartphones around the globe. Apple is known for its best interface and the lasts technology installation. We have got many devices form this company and now we are awaited to see the Apple iPhone 8.
With the recent launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus Apple has gained most response from the buyer. So now in this article we would like to get you rumors and latest news about Release Date, Expected Specs, Price, Design and more things about Apple iPhone 8. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus got many big surprise with the most selling that Apple company has ever made. It was the first time Apple got such big screen devices in the market and now we are awaiting to view the first look of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 series from Apple.
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Apple iPhone 8 Specification and Design: 

As we know that iPhone always prefer to keep its name as interactive iPhone devices. Apple get its devices in the market with the highest pay and also gives you the most top technology to use on. Every time apple gets its device, we seems to touch the latest running technology. Now let’s view the iPhone 8 specification and few rumors about how would this device will look.


Battery power of iPhone 8 will be between 2700 mAh to 3300 mAh being the low but the Apple products don’t use much battery even for long usage. Also we will be expressing the wireless charging features in iPhone 8.


When we talk about the camera iPhone 8 stand always at the top. The auto focus, Optical image Stabilization, 3D – 4K resolution and live photo features. The primary cameras will be 14 MP that can be comparatively to 30 MP of other devices. The selfie camera is integrated with latest feature with 4 MP.


We will be viewing the iPhone 8 in different colours like Silver, Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold. The screen display will be 6.2 – 6.5 inch with 4k screen corning. This will be largest size in Apple mobile series.


Apple won’t allow to get any external memory card to insert in the device. So as in iPhone 6 we had the least memory space of 16 and in this iPhone 8 series we will be expecting the same 16 GB internal memory. iPhone 8 will be in 16/ 32/ 64/ 128/ 256 GB which differ along with the price.


Apple has its latest iOS 10 running in this year and we would be expecting the iOS 11 which can be upgradable up to iOS 11.3.2 that will be latest next two generations.

Release Date and Price: 

Apple will be launching its most awaited smartphone in 2017. This coming year the smartphone market will be getting the two top device iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Apple iPhone 8 will be coming at the end of the 2017 and as the iPhone 7 will be in the new months of 2017.
Apple iPhone 8 will be expected to hit the market with $1200 which is a reliable price for the Apple devices.
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Here is a brief look at the features of iPhone 8 which are unique and most integrated in technology. OLED

  • Gorilla Glass Screen 
  • Eye+ Finger Print Scanner 
  • Retina Display 
  • Eye Sensing Sensor 
  • Wireless Charging Barometer sensor 
  • Dustproof and Shock sensor 
  • Heart Rate and Thermometer
Thank you for reading our guide about the upcoming Apple Flagship device, iPhone 8 which is set to release in September, 2017. I hope you guys are pretty much like the new flagship device and all its features. So, Please share this post with your friends and family if you like it.